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Mohs Micrographic slide Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery


What is Mohs Micrographic Outpatient Surgery?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the most advanced and effective skin cancer treatment procedure available today. As the most exact and precise method of tumor removal, it minimizes the chance of cancer recurrence and lessens the potential for scarring or disfigurement.

This outpatient procedure utilizes a microscope, mapping, and marking to evaluate 100% of the skin margin. With the Mohs technique, your physician is able to see beyond the visible disease and to perform a systematic microscopic search that tracks skin cancer down to its roots. It offers the highest chance for identification and complete removal of the skin cancer while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Why Does My Skin Cancer Need Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Surgery is appropriate when:

  • The cancer is in an area where it is important to preserve healthy tissue for maximum functional and cosmetic result, such as eyelids, nose, ears, lips, fingers, toes, genitals
  • The cancer was treated previously and recurred
  • Scar tissue exists in the area of the cancer
  • The cancer is large
  • The edges of the cancer cannot be clearly defined
  • The cancer is growing rapidly or uncontrollably

What are the advantages of Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

  • Cure rate: Mohs Surgery has the highest cure rate of any comparable procedure (99%)
  • Low impact: The Mohs procedure has the lowest functional and cosmetic morbidity
  • Convenience: This outpatient procedure uses local anesthesia in a comfortable, easily accessible facility
  • Economy: Mohs surgery is highly cost-effective compared to other surgical options

What can I expect if I am scheduled for Mohs Surgery?

Please visit the ACMS website at for a wonderful 8 minute Patient Education video: View Video

Who will perform my Mohs Micrographic Outpatient Surgery?

The procedure is performed by specially trained dermatologic surgeons who have completed certified fellowship training under a regulated director in one of the 40 programs nationwide. Membership in the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) is your assurance that your physician is experienced and reliable. Joe Cvancara, MD, Chadd Sukut, MD, and Joel Sears, MD are fellowship-trained ACMS dermatologic surgeons.

Because your physician is specially trained in surgery, pathology, and reconstruction, Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all treatments for skin cancer. Clinical studies conducted at various national and international medical institutions including the Mayo Clinic, the University of Miami School of Medicine, and Royal Perth Hospital in Australia demonstrate that Mohs surgery provides five-year cure rates which exceed 99 percent for new cancers, and 95 percent for recurrent cancers.