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Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is developed from your own blood in a process which utilizes your own plasma, platelets and growth factors. PRP has been used for years in other fields of medicine to aid in healing of injured or damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, pain control, wound care, and dentistry. Platelets are a type of blood cell that migrates to the location of an injury and assists in healing through the release of various growth factors and other proteins, which aid in healing, in part, by promoting the proliferation of fibroblasts, cells that make collagen and extracellular matrix – important components of healthy, youthful skin. PRP is theorized to improve wrinkles and other signs of aging by naturally stimulating your fibroblasts to produce collagen and other extracellular matrix skin components that are diminished or damaged over time as a result of aging among other factors. Collagen and extracellular matrix components are what give your skin its firm, smooth, youthful appearance and PRP has been shown to improve collagen production as well as thicken the skin to give it a more youthful look. PRP is a safe and natural process since it uses your own blood, plasma, cells and growth factors to stimulate new collagen in the targeted areas of concern, where we want your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. More recently several studies have demonstrated the benefits of PRP growth factors on the hair leading to new hair growth as well as thickening the existing hair.


PRP Hair Regrowth

The process is a simple, natural, and non-surgical way to combat male and female pattern hair loss. A sample of your own blood is collected and processed in a way to concentrate the natural growth factors that exist within your own platelets that have been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and thicken existing hair. While the PRP is processed, a scalp block is performed making it so the remainder of the treatment can be performed with little to no pain. Injections are then performed throughout the scalp to deliver the PRP to the hair follicles. Although treatment can be done monthly for a series of three to six treatments, we generally recommend evaluation at three months to ensure benefits with another treatment performed at this time. Just like any treatment for pattern hair loss, it requires maintenance to maintain the benefit and usually needs another treatment every nine months to a year.

PRP Hair Regrowth for Hair loss





PRP and Microneedling

This procedure combines the collagen induction and rejuvenation that comes from microneedling with the powerful growth factors found in PRP for the ultimate facial rejuvenation package. This a great non-surgical way to get some help with fine lines, scarring, crepiness, and overall glow to the skin. In this treatment patient's plasma is utilized as the gliding agent for the microneedling followed by application of the PRP to allow penetration of the growth factors leading to increased collagen production over the course of the next several months.


PRP Lift

This procedure takes the growth factors found in PRP and delivers them to the target area for lift, tightening, and overall collagen production. This can be done utilizing them like a filler in places traditional fillers would be injected or can be utilized in a mesotherapy method where it is injected throughout the face for overall rejuvenation. For the ultimate lift you can combine these with fillers to get the immediate benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers with the sustained and delayed benefit that comes from increased collagen production induced by the PRP.